Part 3: Letting You In

Kick-on Cameron’s room for the weekend had a ceiling fan, a digital alarm clock on top of a bedside table (unplugged for phone chargers), a queen size bed with white linen, a mirror on the wall and a small en suite. The sun was creeping around the edges of the blinds. He half woke up, grabbed his phone and checked the time. 11:30am.

He could hear Overshare Claire in the shower as his eyes adjusted to the notifications on his lock screen. Gram, gram, messenger, whatsapp, gmail, imessage. Got all day to check that.

He put his phone back down, stared at the fan and began to consider the potential situations presented by the fact that his recent ex is now showering in the en suite of his bedroom after an amazing early morning session driven by tension and the feeling that maybe they were doing the wrong thing.

It was fine at 6am when they were high af, but what about at midday when their sore heads had taken the focus off the passion?

Kick-on Cameron tried to concoct a plan in his dusty, dusty head:

Maybe lying here and pretending to sleep will make her more comfortable when she comes out of the bathroom. She can do what she wants on her terms. The only problem is that leaving the ball in her court gives her the opportunity to leave without addressing what happened. Did I want last night to happen? Of course. Do I want it to happen again? Maybe. Yes. No. Maybe.

What if I sit on the end of the bed on my phone, so when she comes out I can casually say hey but I have a crutch to go back to if she regrets last night and wants to avoid me/get out of here as quick as possible. Horrible idea.

What if she wants me out of here before she gets out of the shower? Maybe I should pack my stuff now and just have a shower when I get home. Would probably be easier to just scoot out of here and text her saying I had to run. That way it can open up into a larger conversation about where we stand without it having to be face to face.

Well, what if I got in the shower with her? Be confident. Pick up where we left off. Knock on the door, say “it’s me” and slowly open the door and see what her reaction is. I won’t overcommit to the idea and just barge in, obviously. I’ll have some tact, feel it out. She’ll probably be down. I’ll just hop in the shower behind her, kiss her on the neck and run my hands down her arms. Just pick up where we left off last night.

But what if that goes horribly wrong? What if she yells at me to get the fuck out and give her some privacy? Then the whole thing goes to shit. I don’t even know what I want beyond the immediate. Maybe I should just call out to her and let her know I’m up, then see what kind of mood she’s in. What should I say though? “Hey”? “Morning, Claire”?

Ok here goes.

“You right in there?”

He heard her aggressively blow her nose before she yelled back from inside the bathroom.

“My nose is fucked hey. That bag was about 10% rack I reckon. The rest was just ground pollen. Or some shit.”

Kick-on Cameron realised that maybe things will be ok.

Posted on February 22, 2017 .